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The Cloak Society
by Jeramey Kraatz

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In the beginning it starts off a little boring but then it starts to get a lot better. some of the characters are hard to remember who they are because they all go by nicknames.

A Conspiracy of Kings
by Turner, Megan Whalen

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The series continues to deliver on intrigue, subterfuge, and the complex interaction of multiple well-developed, dynamic characters. This time, the bulk of the action is from the perspective of a likeable (but wimpy) kid last seen in the first book. As he starts out far less competent and heroic than the series protagonist, he is in a position to grow a great deal, gradually and painstakingly earning his place among the main characters. Eugenides continues to be fascinating and mysterious when seen from another point of view, and the world-building has developed into a well-rounded and very believable alternate to the early industrial Mediterranean area. A great series overall if you like complex, believable characters and lots of intrigue.

Stealing Home The Story Of Jackie Robinson
by Barry Denenberg

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Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier and baseball in the majors for 10 years. He was at Dr. Martin Luther King's side when he said 'I have a dream' speech. He played second base in the majors and he got the most valuable player in the national league. He got the rookie of the year award. I liked the book because he was a hero to the African American people who also wanted to play ball.

Meet Kirsten
by American Girl (Firm),Janet Beeler Shaw

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I have read the Kirsten series more than 5 times and love the books, I am going in to seventh grade now, and they are more for younger kids.

Their Eyes Were Watching God
by Zora Neale Hurston

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It was a good book and I enjoyed following Janie's journey through life and love, but the fact that I had to overanalyze this for school took some of the pleasantness from it.

Fancy Nancy: Nancy Clancy, Super Sleuth
by Jane O'Connor

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I would rate this story as above average for a children's book. It has a cute story and an interesting plot. The ending was a somewhat predictable, but in my opinion that is pretty par for the course when it comes to children's mysteries. It was well written. I especially love that Nancy uses big words from time to time, but she explains what those big words mean. It's a fantastic opportunity to expand the reader's vocabulary without reading a book that is too challenging. I would definitely recommend it to any child interested in a mystery with a female protagonist.

Captain Underpants Book 3
by Dav Pilkey

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Aliens came to earth to take over the world and turned a school into minions. Captain Underpants defeated them every thing went back to normal.

Free four
by Veronica Roth

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Personally I really enjoyed it. Before I read the book I thought that Four's emotions were limited to really mad or happy but whether or not you believe it turns out that he has more than two emotions. All and all I really like the book. My only complaint is that she didn't make it longer other than that I loved it ( :

Invisible Emmie
by Terri Libenson

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This is a wonderful story about a girl learning to speak up/stand up for herself while navigating the challenges of seventh grade. I spent much of the book wondering why there was a parallel story of a totally different character that seems mostly uninvolved in the main character's story. Luckily, a fun plot twist at the end of the book explains that quite nicely, tying off all the loose ends and leaving you inspired, optimistic, and ready to read the author's next book (which is based off some of the characters in this book).

Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back
by Ryder Windham

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Luke was training to be a Jedi when the empire attacked. Darth Vader fought Luke on Cloud City and cut Luke's arm off. Luke escaped and got to the Rebellion. Robots made Luke a new arm and the journey continues.

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