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Guinea Dog 3
by Patrick Jennings

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If I could give this book 4.5 stars, I would. It's the third of a three book series, and I'm sad to see the series end. They don't have the most captivating plot, but the story is cute. I love stories with animals as part of the plot, so this series particularly appealed to me. This book in particular does a great job of wrapping up some of the unanswered questions from the previous books. I did think it was a bit odd that they introduced a whole new character right at the end of the series. It seems they left a lot of room for more books in the series, but considering how long it's been, I assume that's not going to happen. Whether or not it does, it's a cute book and a fun series that I would recommend it to anyone interested in realistic fiction with tween protagonists.

5 Worlds Book 1: The Sand Warrior
by Mark Siegel,Alexis Siegel

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The vibrant art style of this graphic novel caught my eye right away. The "reluctant chosen one" plot is fairly predictable, but the quick pacing and world-building kept me interested--couldn't resist reading it one sit-down. The fun and colorful inhabitants of the titular "Five Worlds" will keep me following this series.

21st Century Portraits
by Jo Higgins,Andrew Graham-Dixon,Sandy Nairne,Sarah

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Not a bad look at some of the modern portraits we have today. Some of the photographs were very similar to the normal photos you might take of your friends or family members. So it does sort of bring up the question of what can be considered a portrait, is any image of a person considered a portrait or does there have to be thought, props, bells and whistles behind it now that we have new technology?

The Cloak Society
by Jeramey Kraatz

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In the beginning it starts off a little boring but then it starts to get a lot better. some of the characters are hard to remember who they are because they all go by nicknames.

by Veronica Roth

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The perfect sequel to the Divergent trilogy. There is some kissing (Eww) in it and some bad words. But not to the PG-13 level. The 'Bad Guys' did capture and torture Tris and Tobais. Other than that there is reference to spouse and Child abuse. Wouldn't suggest for kids under the age of 13.

by Ann Nocenti

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This book was very odd to me and the story line was very jumbled and confusing to me. I usually like Spiderman stories but this one was not for me.

The Woman In The Window
by A.j. Finn

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The "professional reviews" can be trusted, for once. For reviewers who are put off by Anna's drinking, accept it for what it is. she can't handle what has become of her life and retreats, both physically and emotionally. But this isn't a dreary, "stupid-woman, stupid choices" book; much thought has gone into it to set the stage of mystery and suspense from the view of a traumatized person whose thinking is muddied by drugs, alcohol being #1. I might have not read this if I'd known Anna was an alcoholic, being a non-drinker, but it gives a good insight into the thinking of an alcoholic and is a necessary element to the story as a whole.

Honest Pretzels
by Mollie Katzen Cookbooks

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This book was pretty amazing! Out of this cookbook, I probably made about 10 recipes. One of my favorite recipes was Icy Strawberry Slush, because it is pretty darn hot outside!!! I would recommend this book to anyone who loves cooking, and also enjoys making homemade recipes. This book is for both adults and kids, so me and my family enjoyed making these recipes.

Ouran High School Host Club 1
by Bisco Hatori

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If your thinking of starting to read Manga, or already have read some Manga and are looking for something good to read, than I suggest Ouran High School Host club. Ouran High School Host Club is a Romantic comedy of sorts, (probably more comedy than romance, tho.) about Haruhi, a poor, scholarship student attending Ouran, a prestigious school filled to the brim, with the rich, and wealthy. One day, Haruhi stumbles across the old abandon, Music Room 3. Seeing as a good place to study, she goes in and finds 6 good - looking men?!?!? Haruhi was just going to leave when.... she accidentally bumps into a $80,000 vase! Since Haruhi is poor, she can't pay back the Host Club, resulting in her becoming a member of the the Host club.

Chilbury Ladies Choir By Jennifer Ryan
by Jennifer Ryan

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Quirky characters in a small town in England during WWII and how the women's choir at church helps to buoy up the women in the village.

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